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:bulletred: Gallery Folders :bulletred:

Featured: This is for exceptional pieces of works. You can only add a piece into this folder once a month. Winners from any contests, that we might have, will also be added to this folder.

Digital Art: This folder is for original anime/manga works done in digital media. Digital linearts does not belong in this folder nor do digital sketches, works in progress (WIPs), and collaborations.

Traditional Art: Just like the Digital Art folder, this one is for original anime/manga works done in traditional medias: pencil, color pencil, marker, pastels-oil or soft, charcoal, paint on paper or canvas, watercolor, crayon, etc. Linearts, Sketches, WIPs, and collaborations do not belong here.

Chibi: Chibi as most of us should know means small, or in the anime/manga style super deformed, versions of characters, animals, critters, and creatures. Objects can also be chibified. Linearts, Sketches, WIPs, and collaborations do not belong here.

Mecha: Original Mecha, Robot, designs belong in this folder. Any Mecha anime, manga, or video game fanart belong in their designated folders. As always, Linearts, Sketches, WIPs, and collaborations do not belong here.

Gijinka: Gijinka are the humanization of creatures, critters, animals, and/or objects. All Gijinka including humanizations of anime, manga, and video non-humanoid characters and objects belong here. Linearts, Sketches, WIPs, and collaborations do not belong here.

Antro Characters: These are animal characters that are given human like characteristics. These characters are also known as Furries.

Kemono Characters: These characters are similar to Furries, they are human characters that are given animal like characteristics, examples neko girl/boy and fox/kitsune girl/boy.

Lolita Art: This is for artwork based off of the popular fashion style of Lolita. This is the only folder that Cosplay pictures of original Lolita outfits go in rather than going into the Cosplay folder. Styles: Gothic (GothLoli), Sweet (ama-loli), Classic, Punk, Princess (Hime), Shiro (White), Kuro (Black), Oji (boy style/prince), Guro, Sailor, Country, Wa (combines Japanese clothing), Oi (combines Chinese clothing), Casual (combines everyday clothing), Bittersweet (Youthful Gothic).

Creatures and Critters: This is for pieces of animals, creatures, and other critters. These should be original designs, including fake creatures for existing universes.

Genderbend Characters: This is for artwork of characters that you have made into the opposite gender than they were originally designed. This includes any fanart genderbend characters and groups with genderbend characters.

Artisan Art: This is for other art medias outside of digital and traditional medias. Examples: Sculpting, Ceramics, Custom doll making, Jewelry, Metal work, Wood work, Sewing, Basket Weaving, Cross Stitching, etc.

Cosplay Pictures: This folder is just for photographs of cosplays, either of yourself or group shots. Any shots of just the costume go in the Artisan Art folder, WIPs shots go into the Sketches, WIPs, and Lineart folder, and templates for cosplay go into the Templates, Tutorials, and Bases folder.

Adoptables: This is for creations up for adoption. This includes characters, outfits, and creatures/critters. Information on Doujinshi (manga) and stories (fanfiction and original) that are up for adoption will also go here and not in the Information folder.

OC References and Profiles: This is for references and profiles (bios) for your Original Characters.

Doujinshi: Original and fan Manga pages go in here. One shot comics and comic pages go in here as well. Colored canon (existing series) manga pages belong in the Fanart-Anime and Manga series folder. Lineart of canon manga pages belong in the Sketches, WIPs, and Lineart folder.

Literature: Fanfiction stories, original stories, poems, one shot stories, etc basically any form of literature that is not information based goes here.

Open Collabs: This is for any open collaborations and information about open collaborations.

Finished Collabs: This is for any finished parts of  collaborations, this includes previews of large collabs.

OCs based on an existing series or game: Original Character, or more correctly Fan Characters, that are designed to be placed into an existing universe.

OC with Canon Characters: this is for group pieces of your OC (fan characters) with any character that already exists. This also includes your fully Original Character with your favorite characters.

Fanart-Anime and Manga series: This is the folder is self explanatory, its for fanart of anime and manga series . This includes colorings of manga pages, but not lineart of manga pages those go into the Sketches, WIPs, and Lineart folder. The only Pokémon fanart that goes in here is any canon character that exists only in the anime series or from the manga series, Pokémon Adventures. Genderbend characters go into their own folder, and characters with you OCs go into the OC with Canon Characters folder.

Fanart-Video Games: Another self explanatory folder. This is for fanart of any video game this includes Pokémon!

Fanart-Western Comic Series: Should be self explanatory. This is for fanart of any western comic series, example Marvel and DC.

Fanart-Western Animation Series: Should also be self explanatory. Any fanart of western animation, anything that’s not anime, belongs here. This includes fanart of Avatar: the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, My Little Pony (MLP), and Teen Titans these are all western cartoons not anime!

Fanart-TV shows and Live action movies: Like all the other fanart folders this folder is self explanatory. Anime movies go into the Anime and Manga series folder, and Western Animation (cartoon) movies go into the Western Animation Series folder.

Fanart-Novel books: for fanart of novels such as Maximum Ride, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings. Fanart of actors that played characters from movies that are based off of a book go into the Live action movies folder.

Crossovers: Combinations of two or more series. This includes cosplay pictures.

WIP, Sketches, and Lineart: This is for anything that is not a finished piece goes in this folder. Works in progress, sketches, and lineart.

Animation, Icons, and Stamps: This is for Animated pictures, icons, and stamps.

Memes: This is for any and all memes. Empty memes go into the Templates, Tutorials, and Bases folder while “ask me” and “ask me” answers go here.

Miscellaneous: this is for any and all artwork that do not fit into any other folder, this includes any non anime/manga style work.

Templates, Tutorials, and Bases: this is for bases, tutorials, step by steps, character makers, and blank bases. Anything that can help you create or improve your artwork will be placed here. Blank memes should also go here, as should art challenge lists.

Information: This is for information about your commissions, contests, raffles, art trades, collaborations, etc. anything you can think of that you want everyone to know about, expect information on adoptables those go into the adoptables folder.

Miscellaneous: This is the folder for anything that is not done in the anime/manga style or you do not where it goes.
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Group Info

We are cool hang-out spot for anime/manga artist of original designs. Fan-artist are welcomed as well. Ami-Cafe is a clean group meaning we will not accept Hentai (Yaoi & Yuri), Ecchi, nudity, excessive blood and gore, excessive violence, and excessively large body parts. Feel free to join us and have fun sharing your anime/manga masterpieces. Be Creative!
Founded 2 Years ago
Mar 20, 2015


Group Focus
Art Creation

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Welcome to Ami-Cafe the clean original design anime/manga style artist hangout group! We hope you will join us! Here's some of our basic rules and don't be afraid to ask any questions or Affiliate with us!

:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:
Rules are really simple here:
1. Be friendly
2. No foul language even if it's to tell how awesome a piece is, we want a peaceful and all age friendly environment here
3. Please submit artwork in their correct folders
4. Please don't push the issue of us wanting to show clean anime/manga artwork.
5. Be creative and have fun!…





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